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Our Shop


We are so glad you have found us!  Our shop is a curated collection of all the things that we love and would put in our own homes.  It changes daily and we encourage you to keep in touch on our Facebook and Instagram pages as we post daily all the new items that become available.  It changes quickly, so if you see something you LOVE---grab it now!  We are happy to send invoices to your email to make shopping super easy and you can pick up items at your leisure.

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Live Show

During 2020 we started to do a LIVE home décor show.  It is what kept us alive and thriving and we somehow made our way through those years.  As we have grown we still do our weekly show and we encourage you to watch along with us each week.  We go LIVE on our Facebook page each Tuesday night at 6:30pm.  We have a lineup of around 20 new items each week and you get to be the first to grab these goodies up!

It's fun, there's lots of laughter and it something that our customers, locals and we look forward to hosting each week.  It's special to us and we'd love to interact with you and get to know you better!  Don't miss it!



Vignettes in the shop...

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